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Come stay in Saugerties! 


Our four-bedroom, two-bathroom stone house is just two hours north of NYC. It's close to Kingston, Hudson, Hunter Mountain, and all things outdoorsy or antique-y.

What makes it a backwards house?


The house is more than 250 years old. When it was built, it was positioned to face the morning sun, which helps with heating and cooling.  Today, the house sits backwards on the road. So the back of the house is really the front and the front (with the porch and patio) is actually in the back.

What sort of outdoor spaces are there?


The house sits on 4.5 acres of land. There's a front porch (technically in the back because of that whole backwards house things!), this new patio with a gas/charcoal grill and plenty of seating, lots of grass for laying out, and a new fire pit towards the back of the property. The house is also in walking distance to a waterfall.

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